DeCSS - Mirror X

Who knows how long this page will be up - the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) is killing a ton of sites (including slapping a lawsuit on 2600 for encouraging people such as myself to mirror DeCSS). For as long as it lasts, it will host the Win32 (Windows 9x, NT and 2000) version of the DeCSS decryption agent, DeCSS 1.2b by MoRE as well as the Linux version.

We all have the right to using this technology, although the MPAA doesn't seem to think so. Countless individuals are being sued and sites that mirror the file are being taken down, all because the MPAA doesn't want the consumer to be able to exercise this right. In fact, it seems that the MPAA wants utter control over the DVD consumer market.

If you can, after downloading DeCSS, either post it to your own web site or get a free account and mirror it, as copies of it are dropping like flies. After you've created the page, submit it to 2600's DeCSS Mirror List and e-mail me the URL, and i'll list it in the download locations.

Download DeCSS 1.2b from this site (32-bit - 57k zipped, 124k unzipped)
Download DeCSS for Linux from this site (Linux - 21k tar.gzipped, 64k uncompressed)

Remember - We're not the Enemy - We're their customers